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East Ledang @ Nusajaya Malaysia (12 Minutes to Tuas-Immigration Singapore)

Yes...!!! FreeHold Bungalow 

East Ledang Retirement
 Good Class Bungalow(G.C.B)

Nusajaya-East Ledang Development, the most Highly Recommeded Property Develoment in South-West Malaysia and is also the Bloomberg Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2010
 Welcome to my blog and Thank you for taking some time to read them!

 Retirement Village For Those Who Appreciate G.C.B....

If you’re from the middle class status, I hope you can read my blog and give me comments. Nusajaya  Development , I called it a Retirement Home for my parents and my family which I want to share with everyone.

UEM Group is the Developer of Nusajaya East Ledang Development and is wholly owned by Khazanh Nasional Berhad which also the Investment Holding Company of the Malaysia Government.
ISKANDAR Development in Malaysia South-West  Johore  (Tuas 2nd Link) – Nusajaya  Development.
(12 Minutes Drive to S'pore Tuas Immigration Check Point)

My name is Glenn ,  I started my profession as a real estate broker in year 2004.
I have stay in a Government Housing Development Board (HDB) for the past 40 years till today.
My dream home was to have big landed property. Must have a garden where I can enjoy my morning coffee while reading the morning papers out in my own garden. To see my kids playing in the open garden which many of us in Singapore does not have this experience. Accompany my dogs for a walk or take a brisk walk around the community in the evening. Have an evening gathering with family members or with my love ones drinking wine under the stars...
Well, I have recently found a place which I personally feel  this will be an upcoming city of South-West Johore City call Nusajaya Development-East Ledang.
This place is less than 12minutes away from Singapore Tuas Immigration Check Point.
Singapore cost of living is getting higher as each passing year, we as a son or father must except  the  facts that the value of money is getting smaller each passing year.
The only thing is to adjust one living environment without compromising one’s income value. 
In Malaysia, there are many things which are much cheaper by at least 30% or more.
So why I choose to stay at this Retirement Home-East Ledang?

Confident is the Key word:
Why am i confident with Nusajaya Development Retirement Home-East Ledang ?United Engineering Malaysia (UEM) is a holding company of Malaysia Investment Company called Khazanah Holdings.
(Just like Singapore Government Investment Company, GIC- Temasek Holdings)
I personally do feel that the Iskandar Development Project will succeed as this is the Government’s Project whereas most Government Project in many countries will always succeed and they do not want to lose potential investors confident or they will lose thier voting party.
Malaysia has gone thru a lot of new stages of development compare to many countries which are as big as Malaysia. (Singapore is to small to compare)
With the new and future generation of Malaysia leaders who are foreign educated, their thinking and mind set have changed whereby economic development s will be the growth engine that will benefit one’s country.

What about Security?
In this Guarded and Gated Retirement Village-East Ledang , the Security Intelligence System is one of the most advanced Security management in the country. Their 3 tier layered defence security are the plus factor in this Guarded and Gated East Ledand Community.
Security fence come with Perimeter intrusion Detection System. The CCTV Surveillance fitted with Infra-Red and Video Motion Detection.  Sensor cables spread over 90 zones for intruder detection. Advance Vehicle Plate Recognition System with vehicle tracking. The Resident-Security Force Alert Systems are link to the security infrastructure of Nusajaya.
See the system for yourself and you’ll know what I’m saying.
What about the Child’s Education?
There will be a World Class Edu-City Education for your children in Nusajaya.
The SRI KDU Smart School, R.E.A.L Kids Kindergarten.

The Marlborough College of U.K. under the British curriculum will fully operate in 2012
There will also be a Newcastle University’s Medical Faculty which will fully setup by 2011.
The U.S. based Columbia Asia’s Private Hospital has operated since June 2010 and is only 10 minutes from the Village.
Is There a Leisure and Entertainment Centre?
If you love the sun, then there is the Award Winner of Puteri Harbour Yacht Club where you can berth your yacht or jetski at a fraction compare to Raffles Marina Singapore. (No Boat Licence Needed)
The Trader’s Hotel will be build which contruction is ongoing now and a RM350million Family Indoor Theme Park. Asia’s first Legoland Theme Park will be open in 2012 with interactive rides, shows and attractions.

A regional Shopping Mall consists of more than 1 million square feet area in the works now at Medini.

To Invest or To Stay ?

Personally, to own a Retirement Home to is to stay for long term. For property to increase in value is all about Time and Locations.  
Well, I may be wrong to others but at least I know that i do have the opportunity to stay in a 7,500sqft Bungalow at a price of a 5room HDB Apartment in S'pore and get to enjoy the peacefulness of the slow pace environment which Singapore cannot provide.
Well, i'm renting out my HDB which have a steady income, so can you...
You decide for yourself…!
Located at the very Heart of Nusajay"s Dynamic Signature Development Project which consits of:
1. World Stardard Healthcare by US-Columbia Hospital. (10min)
2. A World-Class Education (Edu-City) by UK"s prestigious Marlborough College,UK. (5min)
3. The Newcastle University"s Medical Faculty. (5min) Edu-city.
4. The Netherlands Maritime Istitute of Technology (5min) Edu-city.
5. Sri KDU Smart school amd R.E.A.L Kids Kindergarden. (3min) Edu-city.
6. The award winning of Puteri Harbour which you can berth your yacht. (7min)
7. USD120million dollars investment Family Legoland Indoor Theme Park. (5min)
8.A regional shopping mall of more than 1million sqft is in the works. (5min)
9. International Super-market of Jusco, Tesco and Giant. (10min)
10. A 2,225-acre of Iskandar Financial District (IFD) hub for finance in Southeast Asia and    Industrialand Logistics Cluster (SiLC). (8min)
11. All Foreigners are eligible for My Malaysia Second Home (MM2H) Programme. Terms Apply
12. Phrase 1 Fully Sold,TOP already, 50% are Singaporean.Now Open for Phrase 2 booking,T.O.P 2012. 

 This Resort Bungalow, Semi-D and Terrace Villas is situated in the Prime Area of Iskandar Malaysia which is Less than 12 minutes drive from the Singapore Tuas Immigration Checkpoint.
(i personally tested the time which i travelled at 110km/h within the speed limit of M'sia)


1) Terrace    (4+1 Land: 1,950sqft) Phrase 7 Fully Sold...!!!
Now Selling Phrase 8 (Fully Sold...!!!)

2) Semi-D      (4+1 Land: 4,050sqft) P
rase 1 Fully Sold T.O.P already..!!
Now selling Phrase 2 (Fully Sold...!!!)
3) Bungalow (5+1 Land: 10,500sqft) Phrase 2 (Fully Sold...!!!)
4) Bungalow (5+1 Land: 10,500sqft) Phrase 3 (Fully Sold...!!!)
5) Bungalow (5+1 Land: 10,500sqft) Phrase 4a,b,(Fully Sold...!!!)
6) 23 Storey Ujana Apartment:   172units (Fully Sold...!!! )

So What are you waiting for...
For Sale
7,500sft Bungalow facing lake view ..
Beautiful n Breath Taking View
6bedroom + 1maid room
@ S$299psft
Don't miss this golden opportunity

Hp:(+65) 8484-7788 (Glenn C.C.E.)
(Is Never to late to buy Now..!!!)
Is time to Shift your money into this Retirement Village...
 All FREEHOLD Unit....
NOT 99yrs, NOT a Lease Hold Unit...Forever Yours...!!!

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